Broken Beauties Presents Cast Comfort™

Cast Comfort Spray is a unique aerosol spray that is designed to be used
under the cast, stopping the unbearable itching, soothing the skin and
helping to eliminate embarrassing cast odor. Cast Comfort Spray is safe,
effective and easy to use.

If you've ever had a broken limb, you know that the itching under the cast
can be an ongoing problem. In most cases, it's nearly impossible to reach
the area that is itching. And the odor that can develop in a cast after it
has been on for several weeks can be extremely annoying as well. Until now,
the patient just had to live with it.

                                        Finally There is a Solution!

Cast Comfort Spray may be applied through fiberglass casts or directly to
the skin under all types of casts. A thin plastic applicator tube allows you
to direct the cooling, soothing aerosol spray directly on the problem areas.

  • Medical-grade alcohol stops the itch
  • Talc soothes and smoothes the skin
  • A special drying agent helps control moisture
  • Sodium bicarbonate and a light fragrance absorb and prevent odor

*This product should NOT be used for people with fresh surgical incisions or persons with open or healing under cast wounds.