Hand Exerciser
Strengthen your grip on your walking canes with the Hand Exerciser. Loop a rubber band around the top bar of the sliding finger grip for light resistance. As strength increases, attach additional rubber bands to increase resistance.

Hand Exerciser -
# NC5200 - $21.95

The Webb Leg Sling


Also, be sure to check out Webb's Leg Sling for our customers that are unable to put their full weight on an injured leg. It will help you with the stress and strain associated with keeping the foot and leg from weight-bearing during the healing process from either a broken bone or ligament and tear injuries.

Here at Broken Beauties we are always looking for products that can help our customers with the challenges that they face when dealing with an orthopedic injury or illness. The Webb’s Leg Sling is really one of those products that fit our criteria for customer ease of use, practical application, and cost. In fact the designers of the Webb’s Leg Sling are so confident that their mobility aid will serve your non-weight bearing leg cast issues that they will let you use the Webb’s Leg Sling on a no-risk trial basis.

Just give them a call on their toll free number: 1-866-216-2002 for details. We have actually tried the Webb’s Leg Sling here at Broken Beauties and have found it to be everything and more that is advertises. Give it a try for your non-weight bearing needs.

Cody Ledbetter, quarterback of the Hamilton Tigercats, using an iWALKfree during practice.


iWALKFree… The Hands-Free Crutch!

We are proud to introduce you to a medical product that is brilliant in its simplicity and revolutionary in its implications…

A device that promises new freedom of mobility and self-sufficiency for those with non weight-bearing lower leg injuries.

We invite you to explore the consumer and health care professional pages of our site, and to contact us for further information.

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