Tired Of That Same Old Boring Sling That’s Been Around For Way Too Long? Broken Beauties Has Got The Answer For You!

Teens with broken arms all over the country are snapping up these beauties and are bringing a more uplifting and appealing look to their broken arm or arm injury. Arm slings with style and color, what a concept! Cause a stir in your own school and dress your broken arm injury in one of these cool arm slings.

Our design department would be happy to discuss any long-term arm sling needs you may have. Many of these customers have ordered entire arm sling wardrobes and are beyond thrilled to have these fashionable alternatives to the generic arm slings that add nothing but drab to your look. Please contact our office on our toll free telephone line at: 1-866-692-1916 and tell us what we can do for you.

Then check out these Broken Beauties exclusives.

What looks like a Lolli-Pop and is really a sling? Sling Pops™ of course!

These designer slings will give you the ULTIMATE in fashionable arm support.

Broken Beauties Sling-Pops Arm Slings!Sling Pops™ will turn heads in fabrics that will scream style. Easy to use buckle, soft fleece strap pad and tons of STYLE!

Comes in several fabric selections for a new look a week. The Lolli-Pop packaging makes the sling a great gift for your friends with fractures. Look for new fabrics coming up really soon.

Take a peak in the Adult Fashion and Comfort section for more fabric selections.

Broken Beauties Sling-Pops Arm Slings!

In Adult and Kid’s sizes (See Kid’s Section for all the great kid’s fabrics)

All Adult 100% Cotton Sling Pop™ Fashion Arm Slings-$26.95

Butterflies and Bees
Leopard Faux Fur Print-
Large Flames with
Royal Blue Trim- #SPAL

SPAM - but not the E-mail kind of spam!
Bookbinder w/
Plum Trim- #SPAM
Rainbow Diamonds with
Khaki Trim- #SPAO
Purple Butterflies-

India Island with
Khaki Trim- #SPAP

Skulls and Roses-

Green Camo-

Blue Camo-