About Us

Hi! Beauties, My name is Michelle Kirk and I’m the creator and president of Broken Beauties and BrokenBeauties.com.

In the Fall of 2002 my very busy, very active sister took one jump too many on a trampoline and severely fractured her ankle. The first few days were spent in a blur of pain, surgery, more pain and adjusting to this new very restricted life. Even in a large metropolitan area she had trouble finding the things she needed to function on a daily basis. Her medical bills began to haunt her, the medication made her sick and keeping the weight off without her normal exercise routine became a frustrating challenge and that was on a good day!

The crutches were “ugly”. “Why can’t someone make good looking crutches?”, she’d lament.

In trying to be the good sister and help her, I found that useful items were scattered all over the place. There was nothing on the market directed exclusively towards people with broken bones. I found people using plastic trash bags for shower covers! I knew I could do better.

Fashionable crutches crutch covers, crutch pads, arm slings, arm cast covers and leg cast covers were born. The website then took form with the goal to gather all necessary products, services, distractions and pertinent medical information regarding fractures to serve adults, kids and teens with broken bones. We also want to serve all the relatives, friends and co-workers that want to help with gifts that can really be of use.

We want BrokenBeauties.com to be the Go-To website on the Internet For The Fashion, Comfort and Healing of Broken Bones and other orthopedic injuries. Our goal is to partner with your physician to get you everything you need during this difficult time and get you back on your feet in a fashionable, fit and healthy manner.

We are now in our 6th year of business. The response to Broken Beauties has been nothing short of amazing. So many people have called or written, thanking us for offering such a service. We’ve found out about all kinds of orthopedic diseases that require long term or life long care needs that we’ve been able to help with. In addition to fracture patients, we’ve got paralysis patients, amputees, electrocution victims and people suffering from birth defects that have found us, much to their joy. We wake up every morning thinking what a great job we have where we can help relieve people’s suffering and bring some beauty and comfort into their lives.

We are constantly striving to improve the product offerings, services and information that Broken Beauties provides. Your feedback has been invaluable in doing this.

So this is for you little sis, the OBB (Original Broken Beauty) and all of our other Beauties who have given Broken Beauties such a great start.

Love and a Speedy Recovery to All Our Broken Beauties,

Email- michelle@brokenbeauties.com

P.S. I myself am a veteran of two fractures, I DO understand.